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Welcome To IJFCR

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FINANCE CASES AND RESEARCH is published by the Society for Makers, Artists, Researchers and Technologists (SMART). The IJFCR is the leading academic journal for cases in business and related disciplines. The IJFCR publishes outstanding industry-based cases dealing with issues in all functional aspects of industry. All manuscripts are double-blind refereed by Editorial Board members and reviewers in the appropriate discipline. The journal publishes two issues a year.

Aim & Scope

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FINANCE CASES AND RESEARCH is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed publication, dedicated to advancing knowledge and fostering innovation in the field of finance and business economics. It aims to serve as a platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to contribute to the scholarly discourse, promote best practices, and facilitate practical applications in the realm of finance.

It invites the submission of high-quality management cases and research articles that span various dimensions of finance such as, asset pricing, behavioral finance, corporate finance, derivative pricing and hedging, disruptive financial models, extreme risks and insurance, financial economics, financial engineering, financial instruments, financial intermediation, financial market, financial risk management and analysis, high frequency and algorithmic trading, household finance, innovative financial services, international finance, public finance and taxation, and other relevant topics. The journal welcomes interdisciplinary research that integrates finance with other relevant disciplines such as accounting, analytics, economics, and strategy. It encourages the submission of insightful and impactful management cases that address real-world finance-related challenges confronted by organizations.

It welcomes rigorous empirical, theoretical, and methodological research articles that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the area of finance. Submissions may explore a wide range of topics such as corporate finance, valuation, investment analysis, portfolio management, financial markets and institutions, as well as frontiers in the area of financial modeling, behavioral finance, green finance, strategic finance and decision-making in organizational contexts. It aims to publish research articles that exhibit originality, academic rigor, and practical implications.

It caters to a diverse audience, including academics, researchers, professionals, policymakers, and graduate-level students with a keen interest in finance and business economics. The journal aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, fostering the dissemination of cutting-edge research findings and their application in real-world financial scenarios. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, It contributes to the growth and development of the management professionals.   


The Society for Makers, Artists, Researchers and Technologists (SMART) is a US and Canada based non-profit society with the goal of creating a pool of unique ideas, thoughts in the form of short, power packed talks for propelling others to excel in their respective fields. It serves as a platform for Makers, Artists, Researchers and Technologists to bring forth their views to the entire world.  It publishes high quality peer-reviewed International Journals like American Journal of Advanced Computing (AJAC), International Journal of English Learning and Teaching Skills (IJELTS), American Journal of Physical Sciences and Applications (AJPSA), etc